Hello, Friend!

We are Kasey and Byron!

Most days you can find us searching for the best donuts in town, sitting on our couch binging far too much Netflix, kissing the big cheeks on our baby girl, roughhousing with our great dane/lab pup, playing cards in a coffee shop, exploring a national park and living our best life! We love exploring the outdoors and happen to live in (what is in our opinion) the most beautiful place on earth - Colorado Springs! We live at the base of Pikes Peak and though some days we take the view for granted, it NEVER gets old! We love camping and sitting by a fire with some brews and good friends. And nothing is better than having people in our home for a good homemade meal and shared laughter.

We’ve been married for 3 years, and have been loving each other for 5. We fight about stupid things like who should do the dishes or change the next dirty diaper, we dance together in the kitchen and sing loudly in the car, we fall asleep in random places cause we’re tired new parents, we are professional road trippers and have probably driven 100,000 miles in our time together, and we have this crazy dream to visit all the national parks one day. We believe that bears don’t exist (no really, please ask us about this). We love boba tea and mini golf. Our favorite place we’ve ever been is Ireland, and we will 100% go back one day and take our littles with us.

Why Moose and Bear?

Kasey’s family nickname has been Moose since she was about 12 years old. Byron’s name means “bear”. We didn’t just pick two awesome woodland creatures and name our business after them. We wanted something that was personal to the two of us and thus, Moose and Bear Photography was born.