Christian + Moeko | Cliffs of Moher Adventure Session

In January we took a trip to Ireland for our baby-moon and fell in LOVE. It is the most beautiful place either of us had ever laid eyes on. We drove the coast of the entire island in 6 days, traveled 1,200+ miles and stayed in 6 different cities and saw as much as we could along the way. Byron drank his weight in Guinness and we both indulged in fresh fish and chips probably too many times (don’t worry, my midwife said it was okay to have some a few times while we were there). Me met some incredible locals and stayed in the cutest AirBnB’s.

I was looking forward to our Cliffs of Moher day for months leading up to our trip. Once we got there, it was absolutely breathtaking. Jaw dropping. No pictures can EVER do this place justice. Ever. The cliffs are beyond massive and larger than life. The violent, restless ocean crashing up against them. It was dangerous beauty that deserved all the respect and admiration in the world.

I had decided prior to going that I wanted to find a couple to ask if they would model for me so I could have some photos at the Cliffs. The only problem was finding someone who actually spoke English to ask. You’d think in an English speaking country this would be easy? Nope. It wasn’t. Pretty much every cute couple I saw was not speaking English. I had Byron take a few maternity photos of me, and then Christian and Moeko walked over to where we were. I noticed that he sounded American! So I asked them first if they would take a few photos for us. He said he used to be a photographer so we asked the right person (and he did take some pretty bomb photos of us that we’ll love forever!) I asked them if they would be willing to model for me for a few minutes and I’d send them the pictures later on. They agreed and I was SO happy! Even though it was windy, rainy and so stinking cold and they were bundled up - they were so cute and I love the photos I was able to get of these two! We learned that Christian was born in Ireland and grew up in the States, and came back often. His girlfriend was from Japan and they are long distance and take turns visiting each other in different countries. They were such a cool couple!

I cannot wait to go back to Ireland, and definitely back to the Cliffs of Moher! It is such a spectacular place and there’s really no way to accurately picture it until you experience it for yourself.