Will + Lacey | Colorado Mountain Elopement

Our dear friends Will + Lacey got married on the edge of a cliff with just the two of us present. They wrote personal vows and letters to each other, danced, laughed, cried, ate and smashed cake into each others faces, and vowed their lives and love to one another. Will gave Lacey his late mom’s engagement ring, and that is so special. Lacey wore a dress that she made herself, (can we talk about that for a second? SO DANG TALENTED), and we threw together a bouquet in the parking lot with flowers from Trader Joe's. We both cried as they read their vows to each other, as we've had to honor of watching their story unfold - to be there for this moment of their lives was such an honor. We never take it lightly when our couples allow us into their most sacred spaces, but this one was extra special.