Natalia + Fares | Garden of the Gods | Eleven Mile Canyon Adventure Session

Natalia and Fares live in Miami and eloped at the local courthouse with no photographer, and had no wedding photos. Natalia reached out to me to do a session with them while they were on their honeymoon in Colorado. She bought a wedding dress that she was down to trash, which I was so excited about! We threw together a bouquet of flower in the parking lot before starting our session and jumped right in. We started out at a lookout of Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak, and then Natalia changed into her dress and we headed into the park to take some elopement photos in the gorgeous Colorado red rocks and mountains. Fighting against losing the light, we drove up to Eleven Mile State Park and it was basically dark when we got there. We hiked out to a lagoon on the lake and captured some gorgeous water blue hour photos - and basically shot in the pitch black, which is a challenge and super fun! We ended our session with popping a bottle of champagne in front of the Jeep they rented for their trip, and we said our goodbyes and drove an hour and a half home. We had so much fun with these two and are so excited to share these photos!