Jena + Ethan | Eleven Mile State Park Anniversary Session

Jena reached out to me a couple days before their session to see if we were available for a last minute session that weekend. She was getting ready to leave for basic training the next Monday, and wanted to have photos with her husband before she leaves. They had recently come out on the other side after a rocky time in their marriage, and wanted to have a marker to commemorate choosing one another again.

We met up at Eleven Mile State Park for their session. There was no cell service there, and it took us about 45 minutes past when we were supposed to start to find one another. The sun was setting fast, so we had to move quick. They took us to this GORGEOUS lagoon that was hidden about a mile into the park, and we were met with the most colorful, vibrant sunset of orange, red and yellow. We started out on land and they ended up jumping in the water together so we could get some steamy water shots.

The fact of the matter is that marriage is hard. Love is hard. Love is not always puppy dogs, rainbows, butterflies and ice cream sundaes. It is a choice to love on the good days and the bad days. On the days when you don’t “feel like it”. On the days when you want to wring the others annoying little neck. And on the best of days. Love is an everyday choice. And marriage is meant to last, thrive and be the most important relationship in your life - the one you fight for above all others.

We love and believe in marriage so so much. We believe in fighting for marriage and helping you remember why you love your spouse so much. And it is an honor when our couples let us into their sacred spaces, to celebrate their victories with them - to help them lay an Ebeneezer stone to mark where they have been and where they are going. Thank you Jena and Ethan for allowing us in your sacred space to celebrate your victory with you. We’re honored and believe your marriage will be thriving and enduring throughout your lifetime together!