Amber + Dalton | Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Session

Amber and Dalton won our 2018 wedding giveaway after putting a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making sure their photo got the most likes on Facebook. I adore these two, and think they are such an amazing couple. We decided on an adventure session in Rocky Mountain National Park for their engagement session.

The night before, we got an Airbnb together so that we could be closer to the park and not have to leave at 3 AM to get there for sunrise. We spent the night talking and laughing, and sharing a delicious steak meal that Dalton grilled up for us.

The next morning while it was still dark, we packed up the car and headed to Estes Park. We stopped in a parking lot and loaded up into our car to make things easy, and drove to RMNP. When we were pulling into the park, the sun was just coming up and there was a herd of at least a hundred elk and it was the coolest thing to see! We headed up to the lakes loop where we’d spend most of our time for the morning.

We started out at Bear Lake since it is a short walk from the parking lot, and shot a bit with Dalton in his military uniform. After that, we did about a 2 mile hike up to Dream Lake. It felt like a lot longer and much of the trail was pretty steep - but overall it is a fairly easy hike. Once you reach Dream Lake it is absolutely worth the work and toil you put into getting there, cause the view is breathtaking! It was perfectly windy and blowing Amber’s hair and dress everywhere, which is the BEST, and I loved every minute of it and am so in love with the photos we captured.

We hiked back down, drove Trail Ridge Road and found a spot to pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate their engagement - then headed out of the park and to a local breakfast joint called Notch Top. They have the BEST breakfast in Estes Park. On the way there we stopped at the local doughnut place called The Donut Haus, and it was SO good. We shared a meal with them and talked mostly about Fantasy Football, as it was the first Sunday of the season. We love these two and are SO excited for their wedding in a few months! It is going to be so beautiful!

I LOVED this adventure engagement session in Rocky Mountain National Park and I am SO excited to share it with you!