Jon + Jacqulyn | Breckenridge Sapphire Point Adventure Session

Jon and Jacqulyn are some of our very dear friends. I work with Jon at a local ministry and we have been able to build a great friendship with him and his wifey. We share a mutual love for the Colorado Avalanche and all things hockey, among other things. This adventure session in Breckenridge was a cold and rainy day, but they were troopers and embraced the rain and we were able to make some serious magic together! There is something about shooting in the rain that makes the most moody, romantic setting to work with - on top of that gorgeous mountain and lake view - there’s really no way this could have gone wrong. After our session we went to the Breckenridge Brewery and shared a meal together. I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time, and had my heart set on chicken tenders. I asked the waiter if they could do an adult portion of them since they were on the kids menu, and he refused. I told him to come back to me, and legit broke down ugly crying cause I couldn’t have chicken tenders. (Pregnancy hormones, anyone?!?!?!) No shame. Its a real struggle. I settled for a giant pile of soggy nachos that I ended up not eating very much of and leaving on the table with a note about how my baby wanted chicken tenders. It was a pretty sad scene. We had so much fun with these two and are so stoked to share their session!