Caylee + Jonathan | Breckenridge Intimate In-Home Session

Jonathan and Caylee have been married for 5 years and have 3 beautiful babies to show for it. They are the most romantic, loving, beautiful, sweet couple you could ever imagine. I really believe their love has never moved past the “honeymoon stage”, but it has continued to grow sweeter and deeper with time. We are not just photographers for the engaged and getting married couples, we are for couples who have been living life side by side for any amount of time. We firmly believe that when you invest in your marriage, it become the sweetest love - even sweeter than in the beginning. These two have a love that is so tender, intimate, authentic, and tangible. They are so passionately in love with each other, and aren’t afraid to show it. They got super steamy and I was dying on the inside over the magic that I was seeing on the back of my camera. Seriously. DYING. Caylee is so confident and her beauty radiates and lights up the room, and Jonathan looks at her like the treasure he searched for his whole life and finally found and will never stop looking at her in that way. It is incredible to witness, and I am excited to share this intimate, steamy, Breckenridge in-home session.